My name is Lisa and I am a Mum of one. My son was born in 2013 and like many parents I purchased everything I could possibly think of that I would need for a new baby. Long story short, that baby has grown and grown and lots more stuff has been purchased and accumulated during this time.

Now, it is great having all the stuff but my problem was what could I do with it after?

For a long time I had it stored away and decided that I should find a way to pass it on to others. Lots of bags have gone to charity and my friends have also benefited from items for their children too. However, this still left me with lots stuff, items that were actually in excellent condition. Some used, some hardly used and a few that were even new.

Like many of you have probably done I decided to go down the online route. Over the past couple of years I have sold items on every platform available. You name a selling website and I can guarantee that I have sold on it! Now I can’t say that this hasn’t been successful as I have made a bit of money from it. However, it has also been very, very, very time consuming taking photos, writing descriptions, packaging items, arranging postage etc etc. It also still didn’t help from a storage point of view because items could take weeks, even months for people to buy.

So I looked into another way, this being nearly new children’s sales. As you probably know there are lots of companies who are doing this, and I have sold at many of these sales in and around my local area. I had a great time at these sales and found them to be very profitable as a seller. There was also two other great benefits from selling at them,

1. I could offload a large amount of stuff in one afternoon.

2. I could buy other great items for my son from sellers at a low price.

So you may ask why am I setting up preloved children’s sales when others are already doing a similar thing?

The answer is that I feel there are just not enough of them around. Speaking to other parents I realized that there are lots like me who have stuff to sell and would like to have the opportunity to do this locally. I have also started to become more aware of parents, like myself, wanting to buy preloved items instead of buying new, in order to be more sustainable and do their little bit to help the environment.

So Kid and Kaboodle was designed to do just that, help parents out and provide more opportunities for children’s items to be

re-used, re-worn and re-loved.

Thank you for stopping by to visit the website that I have lovingly created for Kid and Kaboodle. I am hoping that this preloved adventure will be a success and would love you to join me at one of our events.

Also please don’t forget to check in on Facebook for regular updates about events.

Lisa x